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Who may join The Association of Pain Program Directors?

APPD has two membership types.

  • Program Director Membership requires annual dues payment and is for the Program Director of ACGME accredited pain fellowships. Dues payment gives the Program Director access to the APPD educational content and program director toolbox portion of the website.
  • Associate APPD Membership is for Pain Medicine faculty, Associate Program Directors, and Pain Fellows. This membership is free but does not come with access to the APPD educational content and program director toolblox.

How do I join The Assocation of Pain Program Directors?

You can join online or you can call (412) 567-8386.

How much does membership cost?

Program Director Membership costs $150 and is valid for one year from the date of joining. There is no membership fee for Associate APPD Membership which is for Pain Faculty, Associate Program Directors and Pain Fellows.

Who do I contact with questions about my membership?

Members with questions about APPD can call our service center at (412) 567-8386 or you can e-mail a member representative at

When will I be asked to renew my APPD membership?

APPD membership is valid for 12 months. Membership does not renew automatically. You will receive a renewal notice via email approximately one month before your renewal date.

Who may vote in APPD elections?

Election of APPD board members and officers occurs each fall. Only the Program Director Members of APPD may vote in elections.

When and where to Pain Program Directors and The Association of Pain Program Directors meet?

The official annual meeting of the APPD is held at the ASRA Pain conference each year. Additionally, there is a meeting of program directors each year at the AAPM annual meeting and at the SAAAPM annual meeting.